Thursday, April 08, 2010


Christ is Risen!

I bought some yogurt this afternoon. The expiration date was May 2, 2010. I thought to myself: "I should eat this quickly, that's soon."

Then I laughed at the irony. May 2 is our wedding date. And it's really soon. OH.MY.GOODNESS!

Some new wedding related items:
a. We sent out the Invitations. Wow. It's really official.
b. I had to make more thank you notes. I honestly didn't know this many people wanted to give us stuff. and it's not over. My Women of St. John shower is this Sunday, at my sweet bosses house.
c. I set up another registry, at Williams-Sonoma. Those things are fun to create!
d. I feel like time is slipping away faster than ever!

But, my life does not ONLY revolve around wedding planning.

Here are some scenes from this Bright Week:

1. Outside play. My sweet friend C likes to spend time outside these days. It's been so beautiful. As soon as she gets in the car after school she says "Miss Caitlyn, can I play outside when we get home?" It's all she can think about!

2. Feasting. I've done a lot of this, this past week. I bought a large ham to be blessed in my Pascha basket. (Along with some other traditional items like bread (or Sister Schubert's rolls), butter, salt, red wine, eggs, and some of the delicious cheese i've been missing so terribly!)

This scene is from breakfast with my sweet friend Ashley, who just moved back to Memphis! We had ham and toast with goat cheese, and fried eggs. Can anything be better?

3. Pascha presents! I got these sweet Williams-Sonoma Spring Bunny mugs from my parents. They are one of the many reasons I love to have solid colored dishes (I have white already, and have registered for red Fiesta Ware too.) I love to have sweet extras to add to my existing place settings to bring in the season.

I think I'm going to leave these up for at least a couple of weeks. The time of celebration for Orthodox Christians is not limited to only Pascha. We celebrate how Christ trampled down death by death for quite a while! Meaning, that I will celebrate the spring and the Paschal season for quite a while!

My sweet bosses also gave me a beautiful Calphalon pan for a Pascha present. How much do I love them!?!?!?

4. Pollen. Any Memphian can tell you, we've had a greenish-yellow tint about us this week. The pollen is out in full force. (Not as much anymore after the storms last night.) But, pollen means the blooms are coming out. And just look at this bouquet of dogwood flowers.

{10 points if you get the song reference from the last line.}

PS- Doesn't anything flower look sweeter in a Mason jar? I love it!

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Caitlyn! This is Tori Stone (used to be Bouck), hopefully you remember me! I saw your link on facebook, so I thought I'd take a peek at your blog. I understand exactly what you mean about the expiration date thing. I have ALWAYS judged how soon a holiday or whatever sort will come by expiration dates--usually milk. I remember so many years of seeing that the expiration date was my birthday and then thinking to myself, "Oh, it must be coming soon then!" Anyway, I love all your pictures and your dogwood bloom, it all looks lovely. Feel free to stop by my blog if you'd like to catch up!

brandon said...

I think the question is, Do YOU get the song reference?

Don't make me sing...