Friday, April 16, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 5: woah!

Slow down!

No, seriously.

It's only 2 weeks away. I am getting married in 2 weeks!!!

There's so much going on. I had my amazing shower with the Women of St. John on Sunday. And this week has thrown me into SUPER wedding mode.

I don't have much to say.... Enjoy the photos.

The fun started with a super fun cookout given by the Cushmans for the choir. They wanted to thank us for singing. We had such fun. Here I am with my favorite altos. Love these ladies.

Not only can they sing... Nathan and Bill played some fabulous music for the party.

My sweet boss Lori hosted the Shower for the women of St. John. Here I am with Brandon's mom and sisters and my mom.

Lori said some ridiculously sweet things before everyone ate.

Please note the fabulous table. Mindy coordinated the food and had several people make the same chicken and noodle salad recipe. They also served fruit salad, rolls, and Mindy's fabulous herbed savory cheesecake. (It's served with crackers.) Then for dessert, they made buttermilk cupcakes with lemon icing and chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing. Needless to say, I was in heaven!

I can't tell you how many people asked me if I made the food for the shower...

My mom, me, and my sweet goddaughter Cailyn. C was my right hand girl at the shower. We had fun together.

Three of the fabulous hostesses. (There were so many more sweet women involved in making this shower incredible.) Left to right: Meribeth, Lori, Me, and Mindy.

Love this apron from our sweet friends the Hodges. You all know how much I love a good apron.

Last night, Marjo, Michele, and Ashley came over. We started scheming about centerpieces. And we also made the bouquets. My mother MADE these flowers. They're made of linen and pillow ticking for the petals. Isn't she incredible!?!?

Look at this mess! It really stresses me out. But, for the next two weeks, this is my life.

Ashley also helped me paint the cake topper dolls. She expertly mixed the paint to match our true hair color. I think they turned out adorable! They're even wearing wedding crowns!!!

Now, you tell me, where could you buy something this sweet!? Moments like this make me proud to be a DIYer!

Things aren't slowing down one bit until after the wedding. (I'm so ready for the rest and vacation that our Honeymoon is providing!) I've got a linen shower hosted by some of mom's sweet friends tomorrow, and then things kick into HIGH GEAR!

Hang on for the ride dear blog friends, this is going to be crazy!


advert said...

OMG Caitlyn, what terrific FUN! :-D I am really disappointed that I missed your shower, but I won't miss your wedding. Having just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, I have to say that there is absolutely nothing I would say is better than waking up year after year – one morning at a time – with the man you love. And you think you love him now? Girlfriend, this is JUST THE BEGINNING. Okay, can you tell that there's nothing I love more than my husband/marriage. ;-)

givefoodathought said...

This is super exciting caitlyn! I am so happy for you and brandon! Married life in WONDERFUL and so fun!! Where are you going on your honeymoon?