Friday, May 15, 2009

pretend the ball is someone you really don't like...

This is the advice I was given when I was a kid playing softball (for all of two weeks.)  Pretend the ball is someone you really don't like and swing with all your might.  Currently, I'm not having much trouble envisioning faces I dislike when balls are flying toward me, it just happens that the sport has changed.  

I have had the most horrific experience with a group project in my online course this semester.  I couldn't seem to wrangle my other group member, she chose to stand me up multiple times before appearing 45 minutes late to our last appointment.  In the end she decided to forgo submitting her portion of our final project.  

As a result of this experience I was given my very first "I" grade, meaning "incomplete."  I was devastated.  I called my professor (still in tears) to ascertain what the "I" meant.  I found that it's actually a period of grace.  It allows me somewhere around 90 days to complete the project.  I really hate that I'm having to do the rest of the project.   

At this moment, I hate online courses, group project, and one particular group member.  

In better news, I have taken up tennis.  I love it.  I bought the gear the other day, including a cute little white skirt and beautiful racket case.  I'm really NOT good at it yet.  I'm currently having so much fun though, even if I do spend way too much time chasing the balls around the court.  

Here's what the bag looks like (my poor camera is messed up lately.)

It looks like this bag, only with the floral pattern below...
I also purchased the matching tote bag and also makeup bag.  I love this pattern, so fun.  
And yes, my mom will be monogramming it for me on her machine.  Duh.     

Tennis anyone?