Sunday, April 18, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 6: april showers...

I don't know if these April showers are going to produce any May flowers. But, they did produce quite a few wonderful presents!

Yesterday I had a sweet shower hosted by some of my mom's good friends. It was a linen shower.

Once again, I'll just take you on a guided tour through the photos...

The sweet pink and green invitations. I am dying to know where I can find that white and green bedding. You know I'm a sucker for green!

It just melts my heart to see how well these 4 get along. From left to right: (top row) Cailyn (my goddaughter) Grace (my godsister, aka, Meribeth's daughter) and Clare (my sister) (bottom row) Fiona (my other godsister.) The older girls are all Junior Bridesmaids and Fiona along with her brother Pavel are going to be icon bearers in the wedding.

The sweet hostesses, my mom's dear friends: L to R: Mom, Linda Johnson, Jane Mills, me, Linda Shoemaker, and Judi Clement. (I consider Judi one of my girlfriends too, she was the secretary at my last job and we had so much fun together!)

Me and my beautiful Mudder. I'm so happy some of my aunts and my grandmother were able to make the shower!

I really love this "family photo". Here's Meribeth with all of her daughters spiritual and birth daughters. She is mine and Trish's godmother. And also my sweet goddaughter, Cailyn (Trish's daughter). Does the family tree confuse you yet? I really love this one!

Did anyone else feel like they looked REALLY awkward when they opened presents at their showers? I feel like I just look silly. Please know, if I'm acting odd while opening your gift. It's not because I'm ungrateful. Because seriously, I am grateful. I just get a little nervous.

Call me obsessed, but look at this amazing food table. The menu consisted of: scrambled eggs with crab, a maple glazed ham, garlic grits, baked tomatoes, bacon wrapped breadsticks, mini muffins, fruit, chocolate AND strawberry cake for dessert. Yum!

Seriously, I want to eat shower food every day!

Today, we went to the second redbirds home game of the season. It was P.E.R.F.E.C.T. outside. We sat on the bluff and enjoyed the newly added Ghost River beer that's now served at the stadium! (I highly recommend the Home Run Red.) And, since it WAS the first game for us this season, we got an order of the beloved bbq nachos to share.

(Please note: we'll be serving Ghost River at our wedding. Now don't you want to come?)

Me and my sweet goddaughter Cailyn. We had a blast together. Don't you love how we both did the nose crinkle.

We thought this one was so perfect. But that darned bright sun made C squint. Maybe we can recreate the photo again next time!

The Meyers were also there, and Anna-Marie explained to us how sure she was that her mommy is having a boy. (They haven't found out yet...) I'm anxious to see if her prediction is true.

Sweet mother-daughter photo.

When we came home, we broke out the grill. I am HIGHLY opposed to using any wedding gifts pre-wedding. BUT Susan (who bought this gift for us as the group St. John gift) insisted we use it. She told me she was disappointed that we weren't planning on using it during the perfect weather.

So, in an effort to not hurt her feelings. We opened up the grill. :~)

My mom gave me some deer steaks from a deer my brother shot. (Thanks Caleb!) So, we ate two of those. (Yes, the former vegetarian went from not touching any meat to eating Bambi. Forgive me.) I very simply seasoned them with salt and pepper. I also made mashed potatoes and tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. (Really only an effort to add some fresh non starch produce to the plate.)

The steaks were really good. I got really nervous; it was our first time grilling with the charcoal grill AND our very first time cooking deer meat. The steaks were pretty thin, so next time we'll cook the a little less. But, otherwise, it was delicious.

I've kind of had a really wonderful past two days! Made all the more wonderful when I realize: I'm getting married in TWO WEEKS!


Meribeth said...

You are right! That 'family photo' is definitely frame worthy. You know, I might just stop trying to get a photo of the two of us for that wonderful frame you got me and use this one it!
Looks like you had a blast today...don't worry about your nose, you'll be fine in two week and you will look faahbuulousss dahling!!

jccvi said...

Next time you get some venison call us over!