Thursday, July 30, 2009

designing fool!

Here's a picture of the fabric I just purchased for my dining room chairs. I want to reupholster the seats since they're bland. My dear friend Mindy is giving me a great dining table that will be painted to somehow coordinate... any ideas for the color? I think I like the eggplant color.

This is Amy Butler Nigella Twill "Water Lotus, Ivory" for those of you who keep up with fabric designers. Thank you!

It coordinates with my Ikea fabric for the den. And since the den and dining area open into one another, it had to look good together!

I bought 2 lamps very similar to this from Target the other day. Isn't it fabulous!?! They are for the "buffet table." Aka- my old dresser to be used as a buffet.

Here's the rug I bought for the den with my VERY GENEROUS birthday gift cards!

I also bought a "vertical organizer" to serve as end tables. The one I got is a bit different, it has a back on it and looks more substantial. I'll be using fabric drawer cubes in the shelf for a bit more storage. I really hope it looks OK. Otherwise, I'll use it for it's intended purpose ... in a closet!

OK, gotta run. Nap is almost over. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the sign of a content life?

Don't get too excited. I really only have about 20 minutes to compose this post.

Wow. Life is crazy, hectic, and pretty nice these days. I would like to think that the reason I haven't posted is because of my general contentment with the way things are going nowadays. Maybe it's the sign of a content life.

Here's a list of things that are going on, excite me, and generally take up my time...

  1. I have been bombarded (or blessed) with a ton of babysitting work this summer. Not bad!
  2. I start working for a wonderful family from church in the next few weeks, I'll be their nanny AND chef!
  3. I also start chef-ing for my dear friend Susan and Fr. Basil next Monday. The Ruffled Apron is really happening. I am absolutely thrilled! (Check out this post Susan wrote about our initial planning session.)
  4. I got Ruffled Apron business cards! My friend Ben designed the logo for me, and I love the way it turned out! (Sorry I don't have the file with me right now, I'll show the logo to you later.)
  5. I'm probably going to get to move out soon!!! My friend Ashley and I have found the perfect apartment, with a pretty nice landlord (our priest.) I will DEFINITELY show you photos soon.
  6. I have spent hours upon hours looking at home decor. I know that most people wouldn't consider renting to be a great situation for decorating, but I do. I'm thrilled to make the apartment beautiful... even if I can't paint the walls. I while the evenings away looking for great items and on design blogs. Design*sponge has become a favorite, thanks for introducing it to me Andrea!) I've also made some fun purchases for the apartment, including dining room chairs (hello, I have to be able to host a party) an incredible rug, and the prettiest two acrylic stacked ball lamps you ever did see!
  7. Sally and Jason got married! I got to help decorate the Hi Tone for their reception, fun venue huh!? I don't know that I've had that much fun at a wedding reception ever! Many years Mr. and Mrs. Boyle! (Very exciting, and sad. They moved to Jason's house in WI.)
  8. The Harveys are moving. Charlie got a job as an administrator and teacher at an Orthodox school. How awesome is that!? The only problem, is that they're moving to Yakima, WA. NOT AWESOME! (But exciting for them nonetheless.)
  9. Trisha, my sweet goddaughter Cailyn's mom, is going to do Meribeth's job as church secretary. Congrats!
  10. The O'briens hosted a pretty awesome going away bash for them. They're pretty sweet.
  11. I'm housesitting this week. It's fun.
  12. Brandon is on a pilgrimage to Holy Cross Hermitage in WV. He's more than welcome to come back ASAP. I haven't been able to talk to him at all since Sunday afternoon. (No cell phone reception at the Monastery.) It's tough when you're used to being able to call or text someone (for the past two and a half years) and suddenly you can't. But, I'm so happy he got to go, he hasn't ever been to a Monastery before. They are wonderful places to go!
  13. Hannah, Matthew, Peter, (and not yet born little Ada) are here for the summer. (Exciting indeed!) (Except for when they have to go back to St. Tikhon's when seminary starts for them again.
  14. Stacy came to visit. She's been living in Africa. It was great fun to have her here. I only got to know her a bit when she lived here 2 years ago, but we've gotten to know one another even more since she's been gone. (Exciting.)
  15. Clark made me a St. Phanorious cake! Thanks Clark, and St. Phanorious for helping Clark find 7, yes 7 pairs of shoes. Also, congrats to Clark for finding a job!!!
  16. Brandon took me to see Wicked and to Circa for my birthday. Good grief, could I ask for a better boyfriend?
  17. We went to Smithville, TN for the Fiddler's Jamboree and to visit Brandon's grandparents. It was so much fun. We even made a pit stop at the Appalachian Center for Craft and also at the Russel Stover's outlet. Two very nice excursions on a very fun trip!
  18. Ashley and Nathan got engaged! Many years you two crazy kids. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you two, I love you both dearly. Nathan, I'm a little mad that you're taking away my roommate.
  19. New friends, and old friends. I have gotten to spend a lot of time nurturing relationships with my girlfriends lately. I love it! And, I've made quite a few new friends this summer. I love a new friend! I also really love girls nights and dinners out with the girls!
  20. Shell concerts. They may be over, but they're coming back in September. Goodness I love them!
  21. Rhode's pool parties. I love this summer tradition at St. John. It's such a great way for our Parish to bond outside of church!
  22. Some good friends are going to have a baby! I'm so thrilled for them! (Not totally sure it's public yet...)
  23. Claire and Ethan got a house. It's awesome, and is starting to look better and better every day. (The house needed a bit of work, and the ever industrious Van Drims were willing to do it!) It's going to be an awesome house. That Claire, she's got style!
  24. <--- That's how old I turned on my birthday this Saturday. Abby was in town for once. (She's been out of town for my past several birthdays.) She took me to Target to buy some bathroom accessories for my new apartment. Bestest best friend... EVER! Brandon took me to Brother Juniper's on my birthday morning. Brandon's mom made a fabulous birthday lunch for me. And the night before the girls took me out to Noodle Doodle Do (ridiculous name) and then to The Beauty Shop for caramel cake. Such a fun birthday. Thanks for all my presents and birthday wishes everyone! Basically birthday=pig out!
  25. Ooooo, Andrea had a birthday too! It was so fun to catch up with everyone. We also got to see their new house. We're so happy for them, it's beautiful! (PS- Happy 3 year anniversary Andrea and Aaron!
  26. Life is generally pretty great.
Ok, so you all see why I haven't had time to blog. This is why!!! Things are busy, wonderful, and lots of fun.

Talk to you soon. Maybe this time, sooner than two months!

PS- Look at how much I wrote in 20 minutes. INSANE!