Monday, April 26, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 7. the fun stuff...

It really depends on how you define fun...

The first part of this post was most definitely fun.

Ashley, Christine, and Marjo planned a bachelorette party for me this past Saturday night. They even surprised me with an impromptu lingerie shower! We went to Molly's and feasted on heavenly chimichangas and drank margaritas.

There were hats, crowns, plastic beads and swirly straws. Along with a "dunce cap" that we had to wear if we said certain words. Yes, this party had all the right elements.

My sweet Ashley. Although she planned on coming back to Memphis for the weekend of my wedding. Her moving back here is way better! I don't know how I would have done all this otherwise.

We didn't get too many photos, we were having WAY too much fun. Check out my Miss Bachelorette sash. Hot right?

Lori! Can I love you too much? Yes, I can. I love you too much. (Lori knows what this means.)

This photo cracks me up. All the married gals gave me marriage advice. Apparently this one was a little shocking. I also love how Margaret was holding my hat on my head. It was such a fun time! I really wish we had gotten a group shot. There were quite a few more people in attendance. I think the photographers had more fun getting ridiculous shots of my face throughout the party.

We even had an after party. I still can't believe Christine, Janine, and Ashley saw my apartment like that. It ended with a dance party/ sing along to Kings of Leon. So much ridiculous fun.

The girls told me it was a "thank you note free zone". So, THANKS GIRLS!

Today, the proactive sisters, aka Cindy and Ashley, came over to help me work on some stuff. Actually Ashley started the day by being my shuttle while my car was in the shop.

They tied ribbons on 300 programs. Am I not worthy to call them friends? Yes. Yes indeed.

The second half of this post, is debatable fun...

Last night I finished the last of the pecan pies. 40 to be exact. They're Brandon's favorite dessert. So, we're serving them in lieu of a groom's cake.

This looks pretty messy, but it's controlled chaos. Anything for the actual wedding is sitting here. The reception items are all in the bonus room. See? I have a system.
Today we finished the bouquets, the programs, and organized the day of items. Just a few more details, and we'll be ready to get married! It feels so good to get things marked off the list.

Now, I clean my house! It's disgusting.


Priscilla said...

Being new to Orthodoxy, it is surprising how weddings are community affairs. I do think that this one of the several I've witnessed these past 3 years is the most community involved one!! Love y'all!

Cindy said...

thanks for including me in your dinner at molly's. i didn't realize there were going to be gifts. i'm sending david over there after church to fix that.