Friday, December 26, 2008


I feel simply fanciful!

I really hope you will read my previous post from less than 24 hours ago, all about my very "very" Christmas. But I have a second and would like to say hello again.

I think the reason I feel fanciful is because I'm wearing these delightfully fanciful striped tights. They aren't necessarily striped in the "I'm in first grade, and I like pink and purple" sort of way. They're a bit more sophisticated. They're grey and black striped, with an ever so fanciful bit of sparkle, or rather a shine. I'm wearing them with a very grown up grey wool skirt and a muted teal turtleneck. Occasionally I glance down at my legs and feet and see the tights and some very pretty patent leather Mary Jane shoes and thing to myself... fanciful indeed.

You want to know what else makes me feel fanciful? Christmas baking! I shall fulfill my need to bake over the weekend. Including my friend Liz's coffee {!} pecan {!} fudge {!!!} I shall also attempt this recipe for layered peppermint bark. And.... a whiskey soaked dark chocolate cake {!!!}

Tomorrow night Mr. Brandon and I will be celebrating 2 years together{!!!} We will be having a very nice dinner out. I will be purchasing something fanciful to wear. (Don't worry, there will be photos.) Seeing that 2 years is quite the dating accomplishment. (As far as I'm concerned.)

I plan to take advantage of some after Christmas sales today. I could really use some new (and potentially fanciful) clothing items. I found this sweater on sale at Anthropologie. Do you like it? I think it looks fun and handmade, like something you'd find in a rather exclusive boutique. One frequented mostly by artsy women who prefer to be cozy. I can completely envision myself wrapped up in this sweater. I just might order it!

I might also take my little sister out for a fanciful night together, to see the Zoo Lights. (Accompanied by some pizza of course!)

I'll let you return to whatever you were doing... I just wanted to type for a few minutes.
Have a very fanciful day! xoxo

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