Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

This was a very "VERY" Christmas. Just wait until you read this post. You'd think that "very" is my favorite word. I had a very wonderful Christmas, read on...

Yesterday was slightly tiring but completely worth it. I sort of almost passed out during the Nativity liturgy... but I didn't. It was the hot, tired, hungry, thirsty combination. I think my sweet choir director might just hate me! (Sorry about that Margaret.)

The feast was fun. Exchanging presents and the Christmas greeting with friends was a very wonderful feeling. Sadly, although my blog might have indicated otherwise, I was not quite in the Christmas spirit until Dec. 24. It could have been my June Cleaver complex, or my insistence on never saying NO, or maybe the fact that this was the first Christmas I had a "real job." (Did I tell you guys I got a promotion, I'm now the "marketing and sales support assistant." I think it has a nice ring to it!) Basically I got completely stressed out, complete with a knot in my shoulders that felt like a baseball.

My sweet boyfriend made a very good point. He pointed out that since we were fasting we were on a journey, and it wasn't supposed to be particularly enjoyable. Fasting isn't always the easiest thing to do, and sometimes the extra services during a fast make my loathe my feet. But the tough part is over, now I've got 12 days to celebrate. The journey was definitely worth it! CHRIST IS BORN!

Quick overview of Christmas day:
My family woke up later than usual and opened the presents.
I got:
  • 2 very cool handmade (by my awesome mother) aprons. I can't wait to show you the pictures!
  • A very nice colander
  • A sweeper-vac for my apartment. It's super cute and dark blue. No you didn't miss anything I don't have an apartment yet. I'm currently saving money.
  • A really cool paint set from my siblings. It was a very cool and thoughtful gift!
  • Some trouser socks, I really needed them. We have a chilly office.
  • I also got a very nice jump start on a new apartment furniture fund. (I think I left something out.)
Then we had brunch. Ah glorious brunch! My strata was all I hoped it would be! And we had chocolate chip pie for dessert. Don't you love brunch for its ability to justify dessert with breakfast.

Then I used my beautiful food mill (from my boyfriend) to make some very buttery, very cheesy mashed potatoes to take to his house. We played with our new toys, my mom got this really cool digital die cut machine, we had lots of fun. Oh, how could I forget, we watched A Christmas Story on TBS. I adore that movie!

We went to Brandon's house and there were MORE presents. I got:
  • A really nice set of Calphalon knives from B's parents. I never thought I'd have such a nice set of knives!
  • Some lotion and smell good stuff from Victoria's Secret from B's sister Courtney. She was probably tired of me stealing her lotion every time I came over so she bought me some of my own.
  • And a very very cool motorized pepermill from B's sister Ashley and her husband James and lil' Justin.
A very good day! I'll give you more details later. I'm exhausted, and I have to work tomorrow. (It's a fair trade off, I'll be working the phones tomorrow while we have a skeleton crew in exchange for a day off on the 2nd of January... that's right I get a 4 day weekend next weekend. Wanna play?)

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