Thursday, March 04, 2010

a good routine...

I love a routine. As much as I didn't love working 8-5 in the corporate world, I did love having a good morning routine when I had to be somewhere by 8am. Knowing that things go the way they should each and every morning makes me smile. And, of course, my morning coffee makes the routine even better.

Here's how my typical morning looks: (Warning: this post is incredibly narcissistic. I just love my morning routine, and wanted to write about it.)

My morning routine actually starts the night before. I tidy up a bit before bedtime. I make sure the pillows are on the couch, many of the dishes are clean, and the clean ones are put away. (No dishwasher = Constant dishwashing struggle!) I make sure the television armoire is closed and the remote is put away. I plug in my laptop. I do all this so that I can wake up unencumbered by household messiness!

I wake up to the sound of two alarms. Yes, I need two. My cell phone and a traditional "brrring brrring" alarm. The combo of the two (usually set to go off within 5 minutes of one another) helps me tremendously. I think I set two because I fear one not working (I'm not completely unfounded in my fear, I've had some alarm clock mishaps) and because I learn to sleep through one constant sound. I actually like mornings ... Once I finally wake up.

Then, I make my bed. I used to NEVER make my bed when I lived at home. But, now I can't face my day knowing that my bed is disheveled. (It appears as though I only have monster sized throw pillows on my bed, but I actually have real pillows behind them. Weird camera angle.)

Then, ideally, I go pray in my prayer corner. I must confess. I don't do this first thing every morning. I'm working on it.

Next, I step into the kitchen. I love the bright morning light in my kitchen. (The photobooth doesn't really do my beautiful bright kitchen justice!) I am definitely affected by the sun. Something about the sun in the mornings makes me happy.

I plug in my hot water kettle and fill it with water and start heating the water for my coffee. I grind my coffee beans and get my French press prepped. Once the water is heated (rather quickly I might add, I just love my kettle) I make the coffee. I set the timer for 4 minutes and then make my breakfast.

I'm really liking quinoa lately. You probably know, but for those who don't, quinoa is a grain that's high in fiber AND protein. It provides all the amino acids found in meat. (Check out the 4 pound bag I got at Costco for only $9.99!) It's so super healthy. I probably negate the healthiness of it when I add smart balance and brown sugar. It's still healthier than lots of other things. Right?

I like to make up some quinoa or some Irish steel cut oats in advance and reheat it for breakfast. Then, I pour up a cup of coffee and head for the couch.

I know it's a bad habit to eat in front of the television. But, I must watch my Today Show. I also know that The Today Show is not a good hard news source, but I enjoy the fluff. Leave me alone, I just woke up!

So, that's my morning routine. My day goes tons better when I start my day like this.

In other news, our beautiful crowns came in on Monday. (See previous post.) They are even more beautiful in person!

My dear friend (and future neighbor in 2 days) Anne Katherine came to visit while she took her PT boards. She passed, and I'm so very happy for her!

Since AK was coming to visit, I got busy doing some major clean-out. Now, the bonus room is presentable. And, the guest room is cleared. Now I don't have to freak out if people accidentally open the door!

*OH, WHILE YOU'RE HERE: Does anyone have a queen sized mattress they're trying to get rid of? I have an extra bed frame that can be used in the guest room, but no mattress and box springs. I'm just not to keen on buying one from a stranger on Craigslist. (Because of cooties.)

I get to spend my weekend with sweet baby Zoe. I'm pretty thrilled about it. I love that kid!

Oh, I almost forgot, our sweet friends John and Liz had their baby yesterday! Welcome sweet baby Michael! Many years! (You'll be hearing a LOT about babies from me in the coming weeks, at least five friends are pregnant right now.)

Talk to you soon.


Mindy said...

OK, I have to know what time you get up. If there was sun involved with my rising, I think I'd be a lot more pleasant!

brandon said...

Your routine might conflict with my routine of waking up exactly an hour and a half before I have to be at work, not making the bed because it'll just get messed up in 16 hours anyway, eating breakfast (two pieces of toast cut down the middle, two sausage patties, two scrambled eggs with cheese (cooked in the grease of the sausage patties, of course), several glasses of water, with coffee and a piece of cake for dessert), checking my blog roll while eating said dessert, and then showering and going to work.

In case you didn't notice, the Today Show does not factor into my morning routine.

ashley said...

I miss this! The bright kitchen, the steaming kettle, the lovely IKEA pillows.. the alarm clocks. Oh how I miss my dear friend. Thank you for the post and look forward to seeing you soon. Much love my dear!