Tuesday, March 16, 2010

eat, pray, love...

I love love love engagement photos. I follow quite a few photography blogs, and really appreciate unique photography. My best friend, Abby, let me know about one of her former classmates who was starting out in photography.

Her friend's name is Becka and she has named her business BlueGenes Photography.

Becka came up from Jackson, MS on Saturday and we did our session. This weekend my dear former roommate, Ashley, was in town. So, I had my own personal hairstylist for the weekend. Thanks Ashley!

I let Becka know a bit about us. I told her about how our conversion has played a big role in our relationship. How we love coffee, and cooking, reading, and my sweet little apartment! I think she did a great job of photographing us in our element.

Becka named the session "Eat, Pray, Love." Although, I think the story of Brandon and Caitlyn pales in comparison to the book of the same name! (I promise, that's the mushiest thing I'll say all day.)

It was a somewhat dreary day, but we were able to capture a few great pictures outside. I love this one. It's one of the most traditional photos of the day. I'm really happy how it turned out, and how sweet the church looks in the background.

We took some fun photos in my dining room. I love my colorful wall of Fiesta Ware. I'm so happy to have it documented.

We took quite a few in my precious china nook. I really don't think I'll ever want to leave this apartment... simply because of the china nook!

Brandon really liked this one.

Becka had the brilliant idea to have me stand on a stack of my cookbooks. So cute! I just thought it was such a fun play on our massive height difference!

I really love these red shoes.

What a gorgeous ring!

I think these three show us completely and totally relaxed.

We went over to Dino's and took a few while we ate our lunch.

Becka had the fun idea to do slurp the spaghetti "Lady and the Tramp" style. We turned it into a spaghetti tug-of-war.

We had such a fun time. Thanks for everything Becka!


Andrea said...

Very cute!! I love them all.

Rachel said...

wonderful photos! Love the cookbook ones! And if I had an apartment half that darling I'd never leave it either!