Sunday, March 21, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 4: for me?

There's this crazy phenomenon when it comes to weddings.

People start to give you stuff.

I don't quite know why. I've been told it's because they love you. But, I still don't get it!

Yesterday, some dear friends gave me my first shower. It was mostly made up of my old friends. So, my best friend Abby named it my "Protestant Shower." Since most of my old friends are from my days in the protestant world. Love it!

We had such fun! The food was incredible. And the girls literally showered me with gifts! My dear friend Claire told me about how humbling it is to sit in front of a mountain of gifts all for you... simply because people love you! She was totally right.

On to the photos...

Maid of honor/Best Friend Abby and Bridesmaid Michele. Together with our friend Melissa (who provided her ultra chic home for the event) hosted the shower.

My mom and sister with Meribeth, my Matron of Honor/Godmother/Sacramental Sponsor/beloved friend!

Please excuse my "I'm not really going to smile because I probably have food in my teeth" smile. I just wanted to show you the flowers. So elegant and chic. Seriously, these three have GREAT TASTE! You'd be lucky to have them throw a shower for you!

It was great to get to catch up with everyone! I hadn't seen most all of the girls since around Christmas!

Here's Meribeth with Brandon's mom and sisters. It was so fun to have my "almost family" there too!

Woah. I feel really spoiled.

You all know me, and you know I love anything domestic. I start geeking out big time when I open boxes full of things like kitchen scales and cake stands!

Thanks girls. I really couldn't ask for sweeter friends! xoxo

ps- Thanks to Melissa for photographing the day. My mom, sister, and I all forgot our cameras. But, sadly, I didn't get to get a photo with you, dear Melissa!

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