Sunday, May 04, 2008

in the morning...

.... I will begin my new job. I will be a full-time "file clerk." This means I get to wear grown up clothes (not black pants and polo shirts with a green apron) and find out how the rest of the world operates on an 8-5 schedule. (Don't worry, I'm not dropping out of school.)

I am so very excited!

My coffee pot is ready and my outfit (with the world's cutest red patent leather shoes) is laid out. Now all I have to do is get to bed. I'll tell you all about my first day tomorrow night!

Like the shoes? I got them at Payless (yay!) they're very 1940's secretary chic, OK, maybe not, but I really like them!

P.S.- My car has officially been "totaled" so I will be looking for a new one at some point this week. :~( Maybe now I can get that Prius I want... probably not, but it doesn't hurt to dream!


Laurin said...

OH MY! I love the shoes! Have a great first day.

Anonymous said...

love the secretary shoes! be so glad you don't work in healthcare---closed toe shoes only--at one point they tried to enforce that I wear pantyhose AND closed-toe shoes, even in the summer. I. think. not. Have fun and welcome to 8-5. We should meet for after work drinks sometime (doesn't that sound so "corporate"?)