Monday, May 05, 2008

I made it through my first day, and I've got the blisters to prove it!

Well, the new shoes turned out pretty well... Until around hour 4:00 pm. Honestly they were seriously comfortable, I just got new shoe blisters. I promise I'm not only excited about the job because of the wardrobe implications.

I think this momentous occasion warrants one of my "Day in the Life of Caitlyn" posts. I'm pretty sure that nobody has ever been this excited about an 8-5!
  • 6:05- Wake up! (I only hit my snooze alarm once today!)
  • 6:15- Make coffee (in my brand new french press) and pack my lunch.
  • 6:20- Get ready for work. It's pretty exciting to wear my hair down for work, I've had to rock the ponytail for the last two years at the SBUX. (My outfit: black pencil skirt, black and white blouse, brand new red shoes, my oh so chic big black leather bag, and red coral earrings)
  • 7:15- Hop into my rental car with my coffee and drive....
  • 8:00- Begin my very first day!
  • 8:30- Monday morning meeting.
  • 9:00- Begin new job paperwork, oy!
  • 11:00- Finish paperwork, go to staff meeting. (Enough with the meetings already.)
  • 12:00- Lunch Break!!!! I ended up ditching my sandwich (it didn't look good to me anymore) and went for a veggie burger at back yard burger.
  • 1:00- Meet "file students" they're high school kids who do filing work for the company a few hours each week. This was when I actually worked today! By this point I was ready to do something constructive
  • 1:00-5:00- learn all about the file room, and put away files. Not very glamorous, but I had a nice time.
  • 5:00- Drive home.
  • 6:00- Stop at Target to buy Naan for Mom's celebratory Indian Food Feast she prepared for me.
  • 6:30- Now we feast! Brandon came over and we enjoyed the delicious food, THANKS MOM!

Overall, a pretty good day... I probably sound pretty square.

P.S.- Anyone up for a lunch date? I've got an hour long lunch break Monday-Friday with YOUR name on it!


Sarah said...

I would like a lunch reservation once I get through with Colonial Middle School! Where at?!

BillyandMarjo said...

you are working in G-town? Let's do lunch, for real...we could meet at Swanky Taco or the day!--Marj.