Wednesday, February 04, 2009

since i have some time...

I don't really have an abundance of spare time right now, because beginning yesterday morning I started the full-time job search.  {If you know of anything let me know, I'd love to send you my resume.}  BUT, while my dad was taking a look at my resume I sat down at my sister's sewing machine.  

I really haven't touched my machine many times since I received it for my birthday a few years back.  I was pretty scared of it to be honest!  

I made coffee in my press yesterday and HATE how fast it becomes ice cold since the carafe is glass and not very thermal.  I had seen some coffee-press-cozies on some other blogs and figured that it looked pretty easy. 

I used some nice olive green fabric knit fabric and some ivory grosgrain ribbon.  It was really just a rectangle with places for two bows.  Then you simply tie the cozy around the press and it works like a sweater for my coffee! I think it works pretty well.   

Maybe I could start a successful coffee-press-cozy business!   Who needs a job!?!


Aaron and Andrea said...

That's really cute Caitlyn!

kim said...

ooh! pretty!

Laura said...

pretty! I need a new one of these every few months because they get stained with coffee grinds so easily - so I think there's demand!