Saturday, February 28, 2009

i think it's pretty cool.

My mom and my aunt have been cleaning out some of my grandmother's things.  (She has Alzheimer's disease, I'll talk more about that some other time.)

Grammy is probably the best seamstress I've ever known.  She has tons of cool stuff in her sewing room, including this little chest.  It definitely doesn't fit into my whole "I still live with my parents motif" but I think someday it'll look great in an apartment.  Very ladies who lunch...
Don't hate it because of these pictures.  My camera's not working properly, and I used my Photo Booth, not the best picture.

I also got some other goodies.  (Don't worry ETL, I think Aunt Susan pulled some stuff for you too.)

Last night my sweet goddaughter, Lillian, came over for a slumber party.  It was pretty fun to treat her like a sweet little princess for the day.  I'm exhausted!   

Now I'm snowed in.  I really wanted to go to church tonight, and we had plans for afterward, but the silly snow ruined our plans.  SILLY SNOW. 

Talk to you soon. 

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