Thursday, November 13, 2008

two days in a row?!... well blow me down!

I've never quite understood that expression. "Well, blow me down!" It's one of those expressions my mom uses. I think it means "I'm so surprised that the slightest gust of wind would make me fall over." I think that's what it means.

Well contain your excitement, I'm here to post a second day in a row!

Lets talk Christmas. It's coming upon me FAST! I now have 4 presents, and another one figured out, I just need the money to order it. I'm doing some crocheting this year. I'm making my little sister a pancho... Did I already tell you this? It's going to be cream colored and have brown and pink ribbons woven through it. I think it'll be cute. I know what you're thinking, panchos are kind of over, but I think if you're 9 years old it's ok.

Speaking of the hook, I can't wait to show you what I've made. I have already completed a scarf for Clare out of the softest chenille yarn, and a matching (albeit tiny) version for her Bitty Baby doll, Ginger. I should take a picture for you!

I planned on completing all of the Christmas shopping by this Saturday, the beginning of the Nativity fast, but we see how well that worked out! I plan to at least have a running list of what to buy for whom by then, but the funds that are necessary for shopping are not present in my bank account!

Just in case you need a refresher, the Nativity Fast is the fast we observe leading up to the Nativity of our Lord. It starts on November 15, and ends on Christmas. It's a little hard to get used to. I mean, everyone else around is eating fudge and going to Christmas parties, while we're eating lentil soup and going to church. [Wow, don't I do a great job at complaining?]

What I meant was this: we prepare for the Lord's birth in the 40 days before. And honestly as far as our fasts go, this is the most relaxed one. We celebrate for 12 days afterward, and boy do we celebrate. Last year was my first Orthodox Christmas, so it was a little weird. Whereas most of our protestant friends are packing up the tree by December 26 we are just starting to celebrate. I loved all of the extra services during the fast last year, the fasting and prayer makes the celebration all the more wonderful.

Nothing particularly culinary has happened since yesterday, sadly I've had no time to cook. Since yesterday was a regular fasting day, as well as tomorrow, and since the long fast begins on Saturday I'm eating all the yummy things I know I'll miss. Tonight OCF is going out to eat at Huey's. Bring on the cheese!!!

My little brother is having surgery tomorrow, we thought it would be today but of course nothing moves too fast in a hospital. His sprits are at an all time low, please continue to pray for him.


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