Wednesday, November 19, 2008

repeat after me... "it's tofurkey time!"

Yes, we did it. It was a slight impulse buy, but Brandon and I bought a Tofurkey. I'm very curious about what to think. It's stuffed with a rice stuffing and looks an awful lot like a turkey breast. To be honest, I was never a huge turkey fan, so we shall see if the tofu breed excites me any more.
I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. I cannot think of a single aspect I do not love. I love the food (obviously) I love the smells, I love getting dressed up to eat with my own family, I love the Macy's parade, I love the way it looks when the table is decked out in candles and the food is piled high on everyone's plates, I love the way our yard looks from the kitchen windows. Perfect.
Last night we discussed what the traditional foods are in my family. We have the same stuff most years, but some years I like to try making something extra gourmet. I'm not sure what I'll make this year. I was thinking a fall squash gratin would be a good idea but I'm not sure yet.
The traditional family menu:
  • Turkey, Honeybaked Ham, and sometimes even venison. (No wonder I became a vegetarian.)

  • Sweet potatoes, in some form or fashion. Sometimes they've been baked with marsh-a-rellows (a Clare word meaning marshmallow.) My aunt makes them inside orange cups.

  • GLORIOUS Green bean casserole. I love the stuff! I despise cream of mushroom soup, but can stomach it in this instance.

  • Yeast rolls. Sometimes homemade, sometimes Sister Schubert's. And some years we have my mom's quick rolls, they're delish too.

  • Dressing. NO STUFFING! That's a disgrace. We like our stuffing cornbread style with apples, celery, and onions... to name a few of the fantastic ingredients. My mom makes cornbread all the time and for dressing purposes she freezes bits of day old cornbread throughout the year.

  • Cranberry sauce. Despite my many efforts to make a cranberry chutney or some sort of gourmet version, my mom likes the stuff in the can, she loves the ease of pre marked slices. :~) And don't tell anyone, but I don't hate it!

  • Pickles. We always have some sort of sweet pickle. I have no idea why.

  • Last year mom made macaroni and cheese and devilled eggs for Brandon and me, since there's a small break in the fast for American Orthodox Christians on Thanksgiving. Last year we had a brie with honey and walnuts appetizer to start the cheese fest. Sadly, the overeating after having eaten no dairy for a week or so made me sick last year. I promise I'll pace myself this year!

  • My mom makes ambrosia... ew.

  • PIE- I should write a post on the pie. My mom makes pumpkin, my aunt makes a (to die for) bourbon pecan pie, and sometimes if I'm nice mom also makes chocolate chip. If we go to my dad's family we have lemon icebox pie. YUM!

So, what traditions does your family have? I love this sort of thing. A few years ago I had a Thanksgiving potluck the week before Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. I supplied the Turkey and everyone brought sides and desserts. It was such a fun time to spend with friends and get to learn what their families eat.

Tell me, what're you eating next Thursday?

P.S. I apologize if every post for the next few weeks mentions Thanksgiving... I just love it so much!


brandon said...

Not gonna lie...I'm a little nervous about the tofurkey.

Is that the vegetarian version of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer?

Corinne said...

I am going to do a YANKEE Thanksgiving for the lst time ever in my life! My assignment to take to the German Ditthardt clan in Chicago is Southern Desserts. I chose chess squares, which will transport easier than a chess pie I think, pecan pralines and sweet potato pie. My husband who is half English and half Yankee thinks southern desserts are tooooo sweeet. He likes mincemeat and pumpkin, but I'm the family cook so he eats what I cook and desserts are sweet! Maybe he will get something he likes up north when we go!

sphodges said...

So where's the recipe for the bourbon pecan pie?!

Liz said...

oh the many meat assortments of the Manning-Lane-Poteete Thanksgiving. And let not forget that oh-so-tempting ambrosia. lol. I'll miss you this Thanksgiving my dear cousin. I'm not sure we're coming to Memphis. :(

Josh_and_Lee said...

thanks to a very rough first trimester which happen to fall on thanksgiving of last year, i now despise stuffing. it was one of the last things i ate before i ended up dehydrated in the ER. i can barely manage to write the word. so i commend your boycott.