Thursday, June 26, 2008

say aaaaaaaaaaa...

Well, I had my very first sick day at my new job. I went to bed with a very sore throat last night. When I woke up this morning it hurt even worse, and it felt like my whole neck was swollen. NOT COOL!

I called in sick and then my mom made me an appointment with the nurse practitioner. It was seriously the best doctor's office visit I've ever had. They had me in and out in less than 15 minutes. I have a very faint case of strep throat. (Personally I couldn't even see the line on the test when the nurse tried to show me, but he's the expert and I felt pretty awful.) They prescribed a z-pack for me. I'm not usually so hasty about going to the doctor, but I don't have time to be sick right now!

Brandon came over and we had amy's soy mac and cheese and morningstar farms fake chicken nuggets and soy ice cream sandwiches. He understands that I just want to eat comfort food when I'm sick! (I really talk about food on here a lot! Sorry.) Then we watched soccer as stupid Spain beat my beloved Russia at the quarterfinals in the Euro.

Well, I'm going to drink my cranberry juice now. Goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

Pavel feels the same way you do about Spain right now...bleh!
Hope you feel better soon!