Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Tuesday... No wait... Now it's Wednesday 12:30 AM.

OK, OK, OK! Correction: I realize I said the ante-occidents blog was written by the 3 smartest guys I know in the last post. I meant the 4 smartest guys OK!?!? Just read their blog and leave me alone.

I just saw a picture of a friend from the wintertime... It made me with it were December. Sad, it's only June and I'm looking forward to cooler weather.

I made a lovely fasting friendly dinner tonight. (Apostles Fast: pretty short, it ends on Sunday with the commemorations of Saints Peter and Paul.) We had some portabellas along with some onions, tomatoes, and asparagus we made paninis. I also resurrected a baked potato from obscurity by cooking it with some onions and spices and making some sort of hash brown/home fry sort of thing. We also ate some of the fasting friendly cole slaw from last night's St. John pool party at Rhodes. (Thanks for the slaw Meribeth, and thanks for the recipe Erin.) My mom also made the Lambert's Macaroni, it's macaroni with tomatoes and other stuff. Pretty simple but yummy. We had a pretty sufficient dinner. Didn't really mean to, we just had a bunch of items to choose from.

Oh, and for dessert we made the vegan chocolate chip cookies from Vegan With a Vengeance.... They are AWESOME! I really like them. Now we'll have to see if they stand the overnight test. I do not like crunchy cookies. If they get crunchy I'll let you know.

Oh, I know I mentioned the dinner group on Friday. It was much fun, we always leave saying "wow, we have the best dinner group ever!" Here is a picture of Brandon and I courtesy of Kh. Susan.... Thanks again for hosting. We had such a great time! (And I love this picture, I swear your camera makes me prettier!)

Tomorrow is some sort of office-wide training at work from 8-3. I don't know how I feel about this. It all seems very Office Space to me... But, the lack of cool factor probably won't fly as an excuse. We'll see! Have a happy Wednesday!

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