Monday, April 07, 2008

just plain busy

As a working college student I really need to understand that the word "weekend" means nothing! When the weekend begins, the work intensifies. I babysat several times this weekend along with work at Starbucks. I also found time to apply for yet another job.

I'm trying to move out. I really want more independence. I love the free rent, food, etc. of living with my parents, but, I'm 22 and it's time. I have a roomie, my friend Gigi, now the fun part: finding an apartment and money to pay for this apartment. I've applied at two places, so now I wait.

Meanwhile, If anyone has an idea for a part time job where I could make a tiny bit more money, let me know! (Oh, and please no pyramid schemes.) I've thought about several options, anyone need a maid or maybe a personal assistant?

This week begins the second in my list of jobs, a new nanny job. I'm so excited, I love the family and their daughter is super sweet. It's a nice change of pace from the craziness of the 4 boys I used to babysit.

This is my life, mostly mundane with an occasional dash of something worth writing about.

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