Tuesday, April 15, 2008

absolutely obsessed...

I tend to get really excited about the things I like. Here are the things I am currently obsessed with:
(Oh I think I should give credit to my friend Laurin, her post last week about things she likes inspired me.)

1. The amazing tofu at Pho Hao Binh. My friend Laura introduced me to this place. No joke it's the meatiest tofu ever. It's a total dive on Madison, and we all know a dive means cheap! I had lunch with my friend Christine yesterday and it cost me $5.19, gotta love it!

2. Vegan with a Vengeance. It's the cookbook written by the writers at the Post Punk Kitchen. In the past 3 days I've made 4 different recipes in it, and they've all be amazing! I made the pancakes, sun dried tomato and mushroom risotto, thumbprint cookies and improvised cranberry orange scones, I used her recipe for a basic scone and jazzed it up. It is truly the best cookbook ever, vegan or otherwise!

3. Ready Made Magazine. Brandon got me a subscription to it a few months back. I just love their DIY attitude. It's so modern and not at all cheesy, it's very hipster. I read it and think I'm awesome.
4. Pike Place coffee at Starbucks. I really like it. It's new, and I think it's awesome! Plus we got these really cute new brown cups. (I'm a Starbucks nerd.)

5. My clutch wallet. It makes me feel like I'm a 50's housewife.

6. Getting my car door fixed. Currently, I have to climb in through my passenger door. For no real reason at all my driver side door decided to stay locked. It's physically impossible to unlock it!

7. My brand new water bottle. It's seriously beautiful. Brandon gave it to me as a "welcome home from Vicksburg" present.

8. Going to church. Our Easter (Pascha) is coming up in 2 weeks. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the following week is Holy Week. Things are getting busy. I'm really looking forward to Pascha and my Chrismation on Holy Saturday!

9. Yummy Arabic food. Can you tell, I'm obsessed with food? We had lunch at Jerusalem last Sunday. Another dive, but seriously they have falafel for under $4! They also have an amazing grocery store. We got all sorts of yummy food. I got tahini, falafel, baba ghanoush, halva, some cookies and an ibrik to make Arabic coffee in. YUM!
10. Stationary. I've always been obsessed with stationary, but I just bought the cutest Thank You notes at Davis Kidd. They make me smile.
11. My boyfriend. Sorry for the PBDA (public blog display of affection, but I really like him!)


elizabeth cameron said...

saigon lee has good tofu too..the lemongrass tofu will knock your socks off.

i'm starting to get a tiny bit interested in vegetarian cooking..not for every meal..but just to be a little healthier...and i've enjoyed post punk kitchen too.

Laurin said...

your list is much more culturally refined than mine...i love it!

Anonymous said...

It always makes me happy to see a new post on your blog!
Love the dive on Madison!! So, the next time you & Christine decide to enjoy the yummiest tofu ever, please call me...I'm just right down the road.
Love you!
p.s. can't wait for 4/26 either!!