Wednesday, April 23, 2008

here's what happened:

Yesterday afternoon I called my Godmother to see if I could take her son Pavel to The Zoo. Sadly thunderstorms cancelled our plans. We ended up at the Pink Palace. We hung out for a little while then decided to get Pavel some ice cream.

While we were sitting still in the left turn lane (behind the other two cars in the painting) waiting to turn onto Highland I heard a loud bang, and felt something smack my face. I was incredibly confused and then realized we had been hit. Before I could fully process anything, two people were standing at my window asking if the little boy was OK. Pavel was as cool as a cucumber! He is the bravest 6 year old EVER!

The man who hit us was turning left from Highland onto Central (he is represented by the green orb mine is the periwinkle colored orb) he says his steering wheel got stuck and so he just kept turning and ended by hitting us. He hit my car on the driver's side front (my door won't open.) Then his car turned and also hit the back driver's side door.

The sweetest lady who was on her way to PDS let us sit in her car while we waited. She also let Pavel watch a DVD until Meribeth came. We waited for close to 40 minutes for the police, needless to say this makes me a little bit angry.

Pavel and I are both fine. I'm a tiny bit sore and I have a bruise on my arm. The other guy's car was drivable and he was fine. My car is pretty badly damaged. I'm very lucky though. I wish it had happened any other time, by that I mean a time when I was driving solo.

Pavel assumed the role of "comforter of Caitlyn." Minutes after the wreck he looked at me and said: "Miss Caitlyn, is this the first time you've been in a wreck?" I said yes and he proceeded to pat me on the arm. We're bonded for life now.

I feel terribly lucky. Everyone has been so helpful. My parents are out of town and Meribeth helped me out so much, she even fed me dinner and got me sorbet. (We had to make it up to Pavel for not getting ice cream.) Reem, a friend from church,saw us and stopped to see if we were OK. Also our priest Fr. John was also helpful in telling us what to do. I've been inundated with "are you OK?" phone calls since last night. My sweet boyfriend also helped me out so much, he gave me a ride home and brought me "I'm sorry you had a wreck" flowers, chocolate, and a DVD.

Now we wait. I haven't heard from anyone about the state of my car yet. I'm going to miss my "Peri" (that's her name, since she's periwinkle) if she's totaled. Plus I was just about to pay her off, I figured I'd drive her for at least the next 5 years! I'll keep you posted.


elizabeth cameron said...

oh my! i have never been in a wreck with kids in the car...that totally freaks me out! what a strange way to end up in a wreck too...your drawing was great. i'm glad that both of you are ok!

marie_henri said...

take it from someone who has been in MANY a wreck...that was NOT your fault :)

Jenny Thomas said...

I feel ya on the wreck thing.... Sorry about it though! Check out for our story about the wreck we were in 2 months ago...

Susan Cushman said...

Goodness, Caitlyn... so when I saw you and Brandon walking into church yesterday afternoon you were "recovering" and I didn't even know to give you a hug. Bless your heart. God's angels were with you and Pavel, for sure! Sorry about the car, but it is, well, a car. Every little (not that that was so little) thing we suffer helps us share in Christ's suffering. Blessed Holy Friday to you.

Christ, the divine man from heaven, purchases humanity's life by His death. - St. Cyril of Alexandria