Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blessed Feast!

Blessed Feast of the Annunciation! Today is the day we commemorate Gabriel's visit to the Theotokos (The Mother of God) to tell her she would give birth to the Messiah. Think of today's date.
Did you figure it out yet? ... What happens in 9 months? The Nativity of our Lord!...You'll hear me talk about feasts quite a bit. We feast quite a bit in the Orthodox Church, it's nice, considering how we fast quite a bit as well.

We had a beautiful Liturgy this morning. I was informed by Kh. Susan that people wear blue on this day, as with many of the Theotokos' feasts. Blue is the color of the mother of God. This summer at Vacation Church School, one of the sweet children said "Blue was her favorite color."
It was so nice to see our church decorated for the feast. We changed out the somber dark colored tapestries for beautiful blue ones, and our Priest wore blue vestments. As Lent progresses we change the tone of our hymnography (It becomes much more somber), the color of the vestments etc., and the general mood of our worship.

Fr. Alexander Schmemann said: "The Lenten worship is thus a school of repentance. It teaches us what is repentance and how to acquire the spirit of repentance." He's pretty eloquent, I couldn't say it that well.

It's a nice break in the fast to celebrate for a bit. Luckily there is also a break in the fast involving food, which is a welcomed break for all! Tonight the OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) will be enjoying some amazing yumminess at Soul Fish, and I am SUPER excited.

Today has been fab. Following Liturgy my friend Gigi and I worked out together. It was amazing we "girl talked" for an hour and didn't even realize we had worked out for an hour. After I got cleaned up, I came to Cafe' Eclectic, which is where I'm posting from. It's a new coffee shop near our church in Midtown. I highly recommend their BLT&A... minus the bacon and with extra A (avocado) it's delicious! This place has a following.... 6 members of our church are here at the moment, it's great! I know what you're thinking: "Doesn't she work at Starbucks?" Yes: Which is exactly why I love a great indie coffee shop. (I'll post on this sometime. I love my job, I love their coffee, but I love love love indie coffee shops!)

Well, have a Blessed Feast!

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