Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 8: a day in the life of THE bride... on wedding day!

I can't believe we made it. Finally, it was wedding day, May second!

9:00am: Marjo came by to bring some munchies for the bridal party to munch on throughout the afternoon. They turned out to be such a lifesaver!

9:30am: Ashley came by to blow my hair dry. Then we sat on the couch together for a few minutes to destress before church. I was getting edgy, so I remember asking her to move over because I was feeling claustrophobic. Sorry about that Ash!

(Please note the 40 pecan pies defrosting on my dining room table. Pretty funny.)

(Also, note my "Sunday dress/going away outfit". I plan on bringing back this old bit of bride-dom. And those shoes, they were my Lilly Pulitzer wedding shoes. Abby gave them to me as a wedding gift. I loved getting to wear fun shoes with my dress!!!)

10:00am: Liturgy (church) I am so glad we have our weddings on Sundays. I can't think of anything better to do before your wedding! I sang in the choir and it was so wonderful and I think it really helped my nerves.

11:30 am: Start getting ready at my apartment. I highly recommend this if you can! I'm lucky to live super close to my church. It really helped with my nerves, not having to worry about losing anything. My Harvey gals were the first to arrive. I had fun hanging out with sweet Fiona. And, we started the all day grazing... and mimosas!

12:00 pm: everyone started arriving, Ashley, Mom, Claire, Cailyn, Trish, Abby, Michele, Liz, Aunt Susan... It was a full apartment!

1:00 pm: Claire came over to do my makeup. She made sure I was away from any craziness, and had a mimosa in hand. She also made an emergency call to Ethan to bring me coffee. I was in desparate need at that point! (Who's the best photographer/makeup artist husband/wife combo EVER?)

1:30 pm: Ethan arrived to start taking some "getting ready pictures". And, Ashley began fixing my hair.

2:30 pm: I put on my dress! I cannot tell you how much I love wearing that thing. I'm thinking I might just start wearing it every few weeks to make myself feel better. It was made using a vintage Vogue pattern that was almost identical to Grace Kelley's wedding gown. But, my aunt totally reworked it, making it perfect for me. The bodice (upper part) is made using my Grammy's lace. It was so sweet and sentimental to have her there in that way. She's still living but was unable to come to the wedding since she has Alzheimer's disease. I also wore a pair of her gorgeous earrings, a beautiful cluster of pearls.

Then, the VEIL! Ashley ceremoniously bestowed me with the veil. She told me that she let my dad know it was a big deal and that he should watch this part.

3:00pm: Time to start taking the official photos. Brandon and I got a minute alone before. It was fun to get to see him. (See you guys, I got into our "moment" it was a hard-sell!)

4:20pm: We wait. We hung out in the library and got to hear the choir get warmed up. They sounded amazing! I can't thank them enough!

5:00pm!!!!! Wedding time! I was able to enter into the church while the choir sang "The Angel Cried". It's my very favorite hymn to the Theotokos. We start singing it on Pascha and sing it throughout the Paschal season. I thought it would be appropriate. Also, since the wedding fell during Paschaltide, the clergy wore white vestments and the Paschal troparion was sung several times. (Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death. And upon those in the tombs bestowing life!)

Look at my handsome man waiting for me to enter. He looks so great in that khaki suit with a pink tie. Yes siree!

Here's another one Ashley got. Look at our awesome crowns in action!

Love love love our sweet icon bearers, Fiona and Pavel. Precious!

6:00pm: RECEPTION in our church's parish hall.

Here's the menu:
Creamy Shrimp and Grits with Bacon
Green Beans
Glazed Carrots
Baby Greens Salad
Sister Schubert's Rolls (mmmmmmm)

To drink: Nancy's FAMOUS sweet tea (and unsweet), Ghost River Pale Ale, and Twisted Vineyards wine.

Could any wedding have better food? I think not!

Then for dessert:
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing
Bourbon Pecan Pies (made lovingly by THE BRIDE and dear sweet wonderful friends!)

(All placed on a pedastal made by my dad and topped with the worlds sweetest cake toppers. I might add, the only cake toppers I know of that are wearing Orthodox wedding crowns!)

The parish hall looked amazing. I give all, ALL the credit to my crew. The girls made it look incredible. The best part was that the rain cleared up and we were able to have tables set up outside. It was a perfectly picturesque southern delight. I think it was the best wedding I've ever been to!

Everyone told me that I wouldn't remember anything from my reception, that I wouldn't get any food, or cake, and that I wouldn't remember anyone I talked to.

I had a great, I repeat GREAT time. I asked for a friend to cut line and she got me and Brandon plates of food. We got to talk to most all of our friends. And generally enjoyed ourselves. Thank you very much!

We gave our guests these wonderful little cookbooks full of our family recipes. They were such a labor of love, and by far my favorite little detail. I want to share some of the recipes with you guys soon.

Apparently there was some drama involved in finding the keys to the car... They got a little lost. But, after some prayers to St. Phanorious, they were found.

The girls TASTEFULLY decorated the car. Thanks y'all!

Then, we were off for the honeymoon!

(More to come...)


Meribeth said...

I love, love, LOVE the photo with Fiona, but must go on record as saying that the two younger Harvey gals did not partake in the mimosas...just saying.
It was a beautiful day and I was delighted & honored to be a part of it!

caitlyn said...


did you not know about that? awkward!

NOTE: there is no alcohol served to minors at mrs. caitlyn's home!

Priscilla said...

Oh, I missed a grand party!!
I look forward to the first baby!!

The Labontes said...

the khaki suits did great by both our fellas! haaaandsoome!! woowee!
and so suthahn dahlin'. LOVE the picture with the pipes.