Friday, January 29, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 2

Check these out.
I posted them on facebook, but wanted my blog friends to see them.

I might have told you, we're having red velvet cupcakes for my bride's cake. I didn't think I wanted a topper. I don't love the old school bride and groom toppers, I also didn't really like monogrammed toppers or flowers. So, we had decided to forgo the topper.

I saw these on some blogs some time ago. Then I forgot about them until the other night. I think they're "squeal worthy cute."

I ordered these unpainted ones, so I can paint them to look exactly like us. Brandon's going to be wearing a khaki suit (hopefully, as long as we can find one) and I think I want to make some wedding crowns for the dolls to wear. Click here to learn the history of the crowns in an Orthodox wedding.

The only challenge? How to represent the over one foot height difference between me and my tall man. ;~)

Other wedding details: I had an idea yesterday. Since we love Southern culture and Southern writers, I was trying to think of a way to further incorporate this love into our wedding reception. I began last night typing up some quotes by Southern authors. I also want to include some quotes from my very favorite "Steel Magnolias." I believe it's a Southern masterpiece. (Get ready my dear bridesmaid entourage, we're having a S.M. watch party before the wedding!)

Truvy: "How about some iced tea? It's the house wine of the South."

I'm going to post that quote on the sweet tea table.

We're eating catfish and having red velvet cake. I'm serious about this love of all things Southern. I do not mess around!

I alluded to my favors. If you're invited you should get pretty excited about them. Since today's a snow day I'm going to start working on them a bit. I'll tell you all about them as soon as I finish some.

I'm also going to start working on our wedding programs.

Do I hope to be productive today? Yes.
Will I actually be productive? Maybe.

Wish me luck!

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