Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the bridal chronicles: chapter 1

Welcome to Bridal Land. Here in Bridal Land we wear pretty, sparkly rings and think about important things, such as: table linens, centerpieces, bouquets, and rice alternatives for the send-off (does anyone have any good ideas? i definitely won't do rice, don't love birdseed, but hate, hate, HATE bubbles.)

So far, things have been in the plan/discuss/imagine phase of the planning. One of my very first royal actions here in Bridal Land (where, naturally, every bride is ALSO a princess) was to set up my bridal registries.

I feel like I have an advantage over most every other bride. I knew exactly what I needed for our home. As a perk of my profession I have had a chance to try out almost every imaginable kitchen tool. I knew exactly which I liked and didn't like. I think most brides are a little overwhelmed. I felt like I had an advantage.

I have registered at Babcock Gifts, Macy's, and Target. They were all very fun and exciting. My mom helped me out by going with me to Babcock. She had some very nice practical advice. For the Target registry I handed the scanner gun over to Brandon who was underwhelmed by the process.

Things have really started to come together. My mom and I got together on the phone on Thursday night and started doing some planning. Friday morning we went to a certain bridal store, which shall remain nameless. The dresses were all tacky. Seriously tacky. (Which, you all know, as a southern lady "tacky" is worse than any other insult.) The David's Bridal dresses were tacky. (Did I just say the name of the store? Oops.)

As many of you from my church know, our priest requires that all brides wear gowns with sleeves. This is fine with me. I try to be very modest in church anyway. Most of the women in our parish don't bare their arms in church. But, there are very few options for modest brides. PS- If you google "modest bridal gowns" you'll probably find plenty of Mormon bridal websites.

After leaving Tacky Bridal we went to the fabric store to look for some things. In the process we looked at some gown patterns. And then... like in a dream... I found it. IT! My dress! Yes, angels sang.

It's a Vogue Bridal pattern. And it's seriously beautiful. It has sleeves. Yay. The bodice is made of lace, so this gives me a chance to use the fabulous lace that belonged to my grandmother. It's going to be really great.

I can't wait for you to see it. I've shown it to several people already, I'm not too secretive. Just ask me if you'd like to see it. I don't want to post it on the blog.

I also found this pattern for my bridesmaids' dresses.

On Saturday my bridesmaids came over for a light brunch and measurements. We had such a great time. How often do you get to have all your favorite people over to hang out for a few hours?

Afterward, my mom and I went to Premier Fabric to purchase loads of fabric. We're making these really neat cloth flowers for the bouquets. We also got some fabric for some other wedding projects. Then, we went to the craft store for more things. This is going to be a very D.I.Y. wedding!

Here's a list of what we have on the agenda so far:
  1. Mom is making all the flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, mothers', and honorary bridesmaid's flowers to wear.
  2. For our guest book our guests will sign fabric squares. Then, at some point after the wedding, my mom is going to sew them into a quilt.
  3. We're making my bridesmaid's jewelry.
  4. We're hand-making the invitations, programs, thank you notes etc. They should also be really neat.
  5. We're making (with the help of our sweet friend Marjo) all the table decor for the reception.
  6. I'll be making my aunt's recipe for bourbon pecan pie for Brandon's groom's cake.
  7. I'll be making the favors. I really can't wait to show them to you. I think you'll love them!
  8. Mom is making most of the bridesmaid gifts.
  9. Mom is making the bridesmaids', junior bridesmaids', and icon bearer's dresses.
  10. Oh, and she'll be whipping up a little white number for me...
Seeing it listed like this doesn't seem like as much as it is. But believe me, it's completely overwhelming... plus, I'm sure I left something out.

This is how we do things in Bridal Land. The regular non-bride Caitlyn will be back after May 2.


Meribeth said...

That list "doesn't seem like as much as it is"?? Are you kidding? That list is making me run for a paper bag...seriously hyperventilating here.
Looks like the only thing I might be able to help you with (though I don't really know what it is...just hoping) is number 7. Just let me know when.

Discourse said...

I just went on an excursion to Tacky Bridal with my sister. She likes their gowns, I disliked. My wedding dress was not handmade (Wow! I'm impressed with your mum) but instead from a "bridal warehouse" that went out of business before I could recommend it to anyone. My dress has real metal snaps, imagine that! The dress I helped my sister try on had these little plastic ones that kept popping off.

David T said...

instead of rice or bubbles, we could throw popcorn. you can eat it and it doesn't hurt if you get pelted with it. --this from cin

brandon said...

I'm having a hard time finding a decent suit, can your mom make me one?

Priscilla said...

Looking forward to the SHOW. I had a sleeveless dress with a coat: short train and sleeves to wrist with many pearl button. My sister bought it at the yearly sale of "Priscilla of Boston" gowns at her parish in Winchester MA.

Linda loves weddings and has bought many 9all for others). Mine was worn by several others and when I moved here from Indianapolis I gave it along with many househaold items to a nice family who came to the yard sale.

--So many of us have memories which are recalled when a special friend gets married. Thanks

Oh, my Mom and sister made a quilt! I am looking forward to signing a square for your quilt!!

KarenB said...

I would be honored to help you with any aspect of your wedding. Just let me know if there is anything I can do. Also, would love to see your pattern.

Thanks for sharing!!

sphodges said...

how incredibly creative the cosm!

Rachel said...

2 options for alternatives to the "cute concept, but never turns out good" bubbles...

Flower petals of all types (Not just roses)- any florist should have plenty to offer you for next to nothing the morning of.

Have all your guests create a "tunnel" for you guys to run through...It's a nice image photography wise, plus symbolic of everyone joining together in support of your marriage, etc.