Wednesday, January 28, 2009

time me... this is gonna be fast!

I'm at McAlister's using their Wi-Fi and having sweet tea.

Tonight I'll be watching Lost for the second time in my life with Maria, Josh, and Brandon. 

I made ANOTHER A- in my feature writing class.... is it just me or do other people get more excited about a B+ than an A-?  I hate psychology. 

I got a haircut yesterday....
You like?

I did NOT get a snow day today?  (Feel sorry for me?)  I'm not too sad, I've had a pretty decent day so far.

Gotta run... lunch breaks are never long enough!


elizabeth cameron said...

i can't believe that you are only on your second viewing of lost! aren't you confused? it's a great show..we got hooked when sarah ann was born.

love the haircut!

ccm said...

oh my gosh we were so confused!!!
i don't think i have the emotional stamina to get involved in a show like that.

i have heard that there's a youtube video called something like, get caught up on lost in 8 minutes and 36 seconds. maybe i'll have to watch that before i partake in the rhodes lost party again.