Saturday, January 24, 2009

hello nashville...

Well, we're here in nashville.  The drive was nice, Brandon's a great travel buddy.   
I should compose a blog post.
But wait.  
I have this awesome feature called iMovie on my new MacBook, and I can make little video blog posts.  

But you know me.  I can't keep things short, so here are a few more words.

We left around 8:30 AM with our french pressed Ruta Maya coffee in hand. We stopped at McDonald's in Brownsville for breakfast.  (That's right, we brought our own coffee to McDonald's, I don't take chances with my coffee.)  I know the McD's breakfast isn't too terribly gourmet, but it's a tradition whenever we head east on I-40.

We made a stop at Alektor Cafe.  We got there 20 minutes before they opened, and killed some time in the car playing with my new toy.  I found a chess game on my MacBook and found PHOTO BOOTH!  (Which is really the reason why anyone purchases a Mac right?)  

Brandon and Caitlyn looking cute...
Sweet Alektor Cafe

We probably spent a bit more money than we probably should have, but how often are Orthodox people given the opportunity to visit an Orthodox bookstore in the US?  We ate lunch there (after we shopped for at least an hour!)  Brandon had the tuna melt and I ate the gourmet goat cheese sandwich.  We washed it all down with the "magical" (as B likes to call it) Russian spice tea.  A simple word is called for to describe our lunch: yum. 

Now we're at Bongo Java.  I've wanted to come here for ages!  We're currently at the Belmont location.  I like this area, very sweet.  As much as I love Memphis, I could probably consider moving here to Nashville, it has a little some soul.  

In the photo I'm sipping on the Mochahontas.... Yes, Caitlyn ordered a frou frou drink.  It's a mocha with cinnamon in it.  It's basically a very good mocha (steamed milk, espresso, chocolate) with hints of cinnamon warming it up.  Brandon got a piece of "Toll House Cheesecake" for us to share, but we haven't made much of a dent, we're both stuffed!

So, the plan is to hang out here for a bit.  It's great, we have no schedule!  (It's a refreshing feeling.)  I might actually try to study for a bit...  Talk to you soon. 


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Josh_and_Lee said...

we just got a bodum french press for christmas. it's great! what is ruta maya coffee?