Saturday, October 18, 2008


I think I've figured out why I blog. It's because I have a really bad memory, and I'm not terribly organized... The CaitlynCosm is basically my filing system.

On that note, on to part two of my travelogue:

Yesterday we made the trip to Nashville. We went just in time for a late lunch at San Antonio Taco Company. Meribeth recommended it to me a while back, and even though we pass it almost every time we go to Nashville, this was our first visit.

The ordering process is sort of intimidating. You have to fill out an order sheet, much like at sushi bars. It seems like one of those places where you should just get out of the way and let the regulars order. I had to ask too many questions before I could commit to my order sheet! Maybe I'm just paranoid about these places because I've seen the "Soup Nazi" Seinfeld episode one too many times.
Anyway, it was a very good taco. The tortillas were so good. They're soft and chewy, they reminded us of a thin version of a gyro sandwich. Brandon and I had guacamole tacos, and Clare just had a regular ground beef version. I think she liked it.

After lunch we took Clare to the Frist. After viewing the latest photography exhibit we went to Artquest, it's the Frist's children's area. I have to say it was pretty cool. It was a lot of fun for Clare, I'm convinced she's going to be a famous artist someday.

She made a rubbing with crayons. Then she made her own design and put it into the printing press and got a really cool print.

There was a clay section and we made clay creations. I made a tray of cinnamon rolls. (Honestly I didn't have any other inspiration other than food.)
Clare made a replica of the Lincoln Monument.
There was a watercolor section and we all painted. Clare doesn't like her creation so no picture. I made a picture of our lovely day at Sewanee...

Today we repeated our last Saturday. We had lunch at Alektor cafe again, but this time our friends Chase and Gigi were heading through Nashville. We're also planning on meeting them for church tomorrow. Our lunch was as delicious as last weekend, and I got some Christmas shopping done!Afterwards we went back to Gigi's cupcakes and I got a chocolate malt, lemon, Texas milk chocolate, and Scarlet's velvet cupcakes. I only actually ate the chocoalte malt this afternoon. It was very good. It was a chocolate cake with a malted chocolate icing. Then there were malt ball bits on the sides of the icing. The cutest detail was the tiny little straw peeking out from the top. It looked like a little milkshake masterpiece!
On our way back we stopped at Michael's craft store and I got some watercolors. I had so much fun painting yesterday and couldn't wait to do it again!
We've had a very fun past two days. Tomorrow's out last day. I'll let you know all about it!

My little brother is doing great. He's already standing (a day earlier than expected) and his back looks AWESOME!!! Here he is post-op. He's not the happiest camper at this point. He won't be eating for another few days, but soon he'll be the normal 17 year he used to be, but WITHOUT the not so awesome hump in his back.
One of the nurses asked him why he had surgery. He answered, "because I had a mountain on my back." Not anymore buddy. It's gone! Woohooo! Thanks for the prayers, please continue to remember him in your prayers.

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Trish Manning said...

Great pictures of my beautiful girls. Looks like everyone had a fun time.