Thursday, October 02, 2008

the best way to spend one's lunch break!

Well, I got some really nice presents for my birthday. My nicest present was a cooking class at the Viking School (funny you should mention the Viking School Corinne!) I'm sure the people who run the place are very nice, but they kept cancelling my classes! I think I had an affinity for signing up for the most obscure of classes. I guess I'm a weird chef, because no one else signed up for the classes I enrolled in. So after almost two months of wrestling Brandon finally told them to refund the enrollment fee to a gift card. This was good for me because his parents also gave me a very nice gift card to spend there as well.

So today I went on my lunch break. I am now in chef-geek heaven! I bought some of the things I would never allow myself to buy in the past but always wanted. Here's what I bought:

  • A Silpat. If you aren't familiar it's a silicone baking sheet that sticks to NOTHING! I have wanted one for years.
  • A french rolling pin.
  • A Microplane. It's a long thin grater that works really well with whole spices (like nutmeg) and citrus zest. I can't wait to make those nutmeg doughnut-muffins with my freshly grated nutmeg. I also bought some whole nutmeg, you know well-to-do women (I think this was in the Elizabethan era) used to keep their own nutmeg with them at all times, just in case the food they were served was a tad bland.
  • A citrus reamer. (I know it isn't too exciting, I just really needed one.)
  • Annnnnnnnd my crowning purchase... A PASTA MACHINE! Please come over I'd love to feed you. I shall make linguine, ravioli, lasagna, fettuccine....

Today, I am a very happy cook indeed! (Thanks Brandon and Mr. Joe and Mrs. Debbie.)

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