Friday, August 15, 2008

a little snapshot of my life this week...

So much has been going on in the past week, I'll give you the "caitlyn-notes" version.

8/8/08- Everyone at work enjoyed my fried rice... I ate it at lunch and again at dinner that night mixed with some pineapple chunks and shrimp. (One of my favorite Asian restaurants Bubble Tea Cafe serves a similar dish. My knock off was pretty good.)

Brandon and I went to church and then watched the parade of atheletes in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, much fun!

8/9/08- I made breakfast and B came over (I was still house-sitting.) We had some vegan pancakes, veggie sausage, and roasted Keith and Sarah tomatoes. Then we went to the farmer's market. B bought me some lovely sunflowers, and we got some really nice hot sauce. It's really smoky and adds a very deep flavor to foods. We also got some veggies for the fiesta...

I had several people over that night for a Mexican Fiesta in honor of Meribeth and Charlie's trip to Mexico. We had fasting friendly Mexican dishes including shrimp tacos and margaritas (since it was Saturday.)

8/10/08- Evan's last day in town, he just got a really great job coaching a swim team in Chicago. Liz, his wife, is going to finish school here and move after the semester ends. I'm totally jealous. We went out to eat Indian food, truly my version of comfort food.

That evening we went to Fr. John's for young adults, it's always so great. How awesome is it that our priest has dinner and a lesson almost every Sunday night for all of us young-uns?

8/11/08- Back to work. :~(

I went to T.J. Maxx on my lunch and got a new top, and a collapsible market basket for the MFM. After work I stopped off at Wild Oats for some sushi and ginger snaps (the Whole Foods brand ginger snaps are very spicy and really taste like ginger!) Then I loaded up my market basket and went to the park to meet B for a quick picnic dinner.

Then off to church, we had the Paraklesis service to the Mother of God every week night for the duration of the fast.

Then we went to Cafe Eclectic.

8/12/08: Work, another Wild Oats catered picnic this time Mediterranean food, then church...

8/13/08: Same, but with Dino's catered Wednesday night meal after church...

8/14/08: Work, Church...

8/15/08: At work, I'm the receptionist today. I can't do very much of my own work up here. I just get to answer phones and get drinks for clients... you know I love being a hostess!

Today is the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos. I'm very sad I couldn't go to the Liturgy this morning, but anyway. Although today is a fast day, tomorrow we shall feast! Blessed Feast!

Speaking of tomorrow, my plans are as follows: Breakfast with Abby and Michele (Happy Birthday, many years, to Michele) and then off to buy some veggies, with my fab new basket. Then, Brandon and I are going to India Fest (agricenter, admission is free.) Then we are planning on visiting Miss Zoe Anne. Then I will walk Liz and Evan's dog Maggie. Then Vespers. Then dinner at our friend Murphy's restaurant.

Does it seem like my life revolves around food... Hmmmm.
Goodbye for now, have a very happy Saturday!

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