Monday, August 04, 2008

i wish it were saturday again!

I just read my post from Saturday (I do that sometimes, is that conceited?)  And I started pining for Saturday!  I've almost finished off all of my MFM purchases.  I made green beans almondine, roasted corn on the cob with spring onions, and some delicious tomato and eggplant sandwiches for dinner tonight.  On Saturday night I made an heirloom tomato salad with shallot vinaigrette, green beans, eggplant steaks with an onion white wine sauce, toasted olive bread, and a blueberry peach crumble.  I'm regretting that I didn't buy more on Saturday.  I also know my beautiful flowers are going to wilt soon... I'm getting sad.  I know I sound pathetic!  

It's only Monday... but I wish it were Saturday.  

Last night I made some of The Post Punk Kitchen's rich chocolate cake (cupcakes) after dinner.  I've posted the recipe before, but honestly it's one of the best cakes I've ever eaten vegan or otherwise.  I decorated my cute little cupcakes with some rich chocolate icing (sorry no recipe, I made it up) and sprinkles!  

Brandon and I went to the Paraklesis at our church tonight.  It was nice.  I had honestly started to miss being at church every night of the week since Pascha.  Fasts are hard, but praying together with other Orthodox Christians helps.  

I found out tonight that my good friend Claire is in labor as I write... or maybe a mommy by now.  I'm very excited for her and have huge plans for this child!

Please pray for me tomorrow (Tuesday) around noon... I'll give more details later.  

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