Wednesday, July 02, 2008

not again!

Here's a little photo-update from Saturday night's meal. It was so good. I burned the baby potatoes on the grill, but everything else was really good. You can't really go wrong when you have a meal made of wonderfully fresh veggies!

I'm home sick again today.
I have a terrible cough so I left work early and took a wonderful nap.
Last night Brandon and I went to Cafe Eclectic. I haven't had time for spending any quality time there in ages. We went for dessert and coffee. Happily the service at Cafe Eclectic has improved dramatically! This makes me very happy considering mine and Brandon's restaurant curse. (Together we've caused quite a few places to close in our dating relationship, including our first date restaurant and our Sunday lunch restaurant!) We were both pretty worried that the poor service would mean the end of our beloved Cafe Eclectic.
I got a vanilla cupcake. Many of you know how I feel about cupcakes, I ADORE THEM! It was such a great cupcake. They have their own in-house baker at Cafe Eclectic. It was a perfectly light but moist cupcake. It almost reminded me of angel food cake. It also had purple gum paste flowers on top, which totally added to the appeal!

When we parked I saw a chair sitting on the side of the street. The owner was standing outside, I asked him if I could have it. I think he thought I was insane, but he said yes. I plan to refinish and reupholster the chair someday soon. I really think it'll be beautiful!

Today is Brandon's nameday. His patron Saint is St. John Maximovitch. I made some veraniki last night, they are cheese filled dumplings. They were St. John's favorite food.

Many Years Brandon!

Most Holy St. John pray to God for us!

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BillyandMarjo said...

Fun post! Many years to Brandon! Let's hang out soon--we have moved, things have settled down, I see a lunch date in the near future...