Monday, November 05, 2007

Welcome to The Caitlyn-cosm

So, I got a blog (a couple of years late, I know.) I didn't want to, I didn't want to be the annoying girl at the cocktail party that keeps telling you about her life. I had an epiphany; unlike cocktail party girl, my readers are not obligated to read my little blog.

This brings me to the first rule of my blog: Never feel obligated to keep reading, feel free to click the little red "x" in the upper corner at any point during a post. This is the best part of a blog. Now that I have included this disclaimer, I feel much better about creating a blog.

The first post is of the utmost importance. (Get ready to be disappointed.) I'm going to write the exciting "what's been going on with me lately" post. I promise to write more interesting content in the future. It's been a while since I've seen many of you, here's an update.

Church- Most of you know I no longer attend Bellevue Baptist Church. Many of you know I'm no longer a Baptist. In fact I'm no longer a Protestant (no, I haven't converted to Catholicism.) I've become Orthodox, and I attend wonderful church named St. John. It's a pretty long story, I'll write about it in the future. I promise the story has almost nothing to do with B-Vue drama, sorry this isn't that kind of blog. Until I have time to fill you in on my conversion, read this.

Food- This is second favorite subject. I no longer eat meat. Yes vegetarian, no not vegan. I'm not a militant vegetarian, and this will probably be the last post about my herbivorous lifestyle, I just thought you should know.

School- I'm 22 and still in school. I'm still studying public relations. And we're not even going to talk about when I plan to graduate.

Work- I still work at Starbucks. I like my job, it's a good college student job. I drink a lot of coffee. I wake up super early and make coffee for myself and all the schmucks who have "real" jobs.

Etc.- I've been dating Brandon for a total of 10 months, he's swell. Thanks for listening to my ramblings, you are also swell.


Susan Cushman said...

Go, Caitlin! I just started my blog in August, and I'm addicted now. You can read a great article about blogging in the November issue of skirt! magazine... it's the magazine that printed my essay, "myPod," in October. Anyway, find Kelly Love Johnson's article, "Tiny Vegetables," and you'll laugh out loud with her. Good luck with the blog!

A Coplon said...

Caitlin! I did not know that you were a vegetarian. Is Brandon adversely influencing you? I look forward to seeing you when I return to the US!