Monday, November 26, 2007

and exhale.........

Ok, I'm going to take some pressure off myself. I've put off writing on here because I felt the need to limit my writing to only Orthodox related things. Now doesn't that sound ridiculous, Orthodoxy is not the only thing I think about. I really wanted to document (for myself) exactly how I came to Orthodoxy. I want a chronological journal telling my story, hopefully someday I'll do that. Therefore I will start writing about not just one thing, but everything. As a result I'll probably start writing more frequently. (I hope you in reader-land don't mind!)

School is over, I did "ok" in most everything. I felt I spread myself way too thin this semester, and as a result my grades were "thin." I decided I would try to do EVERYTHING when school got out. I'm going to work tons (so that maybe I can save enough money to not spread myself so thin next semester.) Actually I'll be going to work in about an hour. I think I'll actually be excited when school starts again!

At church, we've been preparing for Christmas for almost 40 days. I think this has given me a much better understanding of the nativity of Our Lord. The Orthodox tradition is a fast leading up to Nativity along with increased church services. I have loved going to the Paraklesis service on Monday nights. I love the idea of being in church praying, as silly as that sounds. I used to believe a church was no different than any other place to pray. I can't believe I actually get excited to pray at church!

Today is the anniversary of the birth of 3 dear friends! Abby is my best friend and always gets the short end of the stick because her birthday is one week before Christmas! (So I thought a blog shout out for her might be approporiate! Now I don't have to get her a gift right?)
Also my friends Shanna and Gigi are celbrating their birthday today (twins!)

Orthodox Christians sing "Many Years" for everything! It's a really sweet hymn that we sing for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings... so in closing I want to sing (type) "Many Years" for all my friends with birthdays today!

God grant you many years, God grant you many years, God grant you many many years!
(I know it's kind of redundant, but I do love it!)

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Susan Cushman said...

Hey! I quit checking your blog for a while because you weren't posting. So glad to see you're "back." And yes, I also love the Paraclesis to the Mother of God that we've been praying on Monday nights during the Nativity Fast. And no, it's not silly that you like to pray in church. I can think of many many other things that I like to do that are silly, but praying in church isn't one of them. Oh, maybe you meant it's silly that you LIKE to pray in church... not that praying in church is silly. hmmmmmm. syntax. don't you just love it? merry merry.