Tuesday, August 25, 2009

packing music...

No apologies. I haven't even attempted to post anything since my last two posts. I have been so busy doing my dream job and another job too (it's pretty great as well!) I have some of the best bosses in the world! I love the crazy busy. No complaints here.

I promise to post some more info about The Ruffled Apron soon. It's going pretty well. I still can't believe I get to do what I love... and get paid for it!

I move this Saturday. {!}

I just started packing last night. (Yes, I know, I'm behind.) My poor mother is left with nothing in her kitchen. I have amassed so many cooking tools over the years, and I'm taking them all with me. I filled up several boxes with kitchen gear. Obviously, there isn't much I need to buy immediately.

Ashley and I went to looked at the apartment this past Thursday. Ashley is my roommate, for those of you who don't know her. She'll live with me until she and her fiance Nathan get married (sometime around January or February.) Then she'll move in to Nathan's house. I think she liked the apartment.

I took some photos for those of you who are curious. I'm calling these the "mid-before" pictures. There has already been a lot of work done, these pictures are a such a stark contrast to what Claire, Trish, and I saw only 3 weeks ago! Thanks fabulous crew! (They're mostly all members of my Church, along with Fr. Nikolai.)

The whole place has gotten a fresh coat of paint, the hardwood floors have been refinished, and the kitchen floors are being replaced. Plus it was given a thorough scrub down. It's pretty much ready for us to move in.

On to the photos: The apartment is the upstairs of a duplex. It kind of feels like living in a tree-house. It was built circa 1920. Hello charm!

This is the living room. The doorway on the right leads into the dining room.
Yes, this is my romantic fireplace. To the left is a nook for my fabulous Craigslist television armoire, and to the right is the entrance to the apartment.

Living room again, from the front door.

I kind of really love this vintage light fixture. It's in my dining room.

Hello sweet dining room, I cannot wait to host a party!

Teeny little bathroom.

They were working in here, but you get the idea.

Yes, these curtains will be replaced. (They are currently terry cloth with cats all over them. Ahhhhh!) The oven was just replaced. (And yes, thankfully it's a gas range!)

This is my walk-in (yes, walk-in) pantry! Don't get too jealous. These open shelves face the kitchen and then after walking through the door there is a large pantry cabinet, these glass doored cabinets and space for a washing machine.

PS: Anyone looking to sell a washing machine? We need one. A cheap one preferably!

Don't worry, I cannot wait to post some fabulous AFTER pictures.

While I should be packing, I've created a playlist for packing. The most basic rule is that all music has to make me happy.

Artists: Fruit Bats, Good Old War, Andrew Bird, Bowebirds, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Joe Purdy, Noah and the Whale, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens, and a little bit of Cat Stevens. Now, I hit play. And I pack... actually I need to go run some work errands. So, I pack tonight. But either way, I'll have some fantastic music to pack with!

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Meribeth said...

THAT'S what I'm missing! UN-packing music....anything to make me want to do it. I've hit a wall. Right now the only thing motivating me to open the last few boxes (minus playroom toys/games & my scrapbook stuff that I won't bother with for another couple of weeks) is that I need to find my iron. And at the moment I am very tempted to just go buy a cheap one.
Happy moving!! xo MB