Saturday, June 06, 2009

ikea.... ya!?

We're here in Atlanta!  We'll be home tomorrow.  I've had a great time at the beach.  My sunburn is almost completely healed, and I have a pretty nice tan.  

My favorite "Patricia" fabric was not to be found.  I QUICKLY regrouped.  For only $7.99 a yard, I was able to get this amazing fabric.  Honestly the picture doesn't do it justice.  I hated it online, but I love it in person!  The green is perfect, and it's a really funky pattern.  To me, it looks a bit dated in the photo, but it looks really decorator-y in person.  LOVE IT!

My parents recently finished the renovations in my bedroom and were sweet enough to e-mail me photos so I could see it on vacation!  I love those two!  

Note: All of the items purchased on this Ikea run were to outfit my current bedroom are also for my future apartment....  

Meet Majken.
Say hello to my accent fabric: Katrin.  They look amazing together.  I promise.  These two together will make throw pillows, maybe a cushion for a bench, and I think I'm going to stretch a few over canvasses to make some accent wall art.  

My curtains: Matilda.  They're kind of sheer, not usually something I'd go for, but they're neat because they have this little bit of texture.  There are these little knots throughout that look really cool in person and the color is more off-white that bright white.  (Again, you're going to have to trust me on this.)

I got my lamps.   They're awesome! 

I don't have a ton of storage space, so I bought these boxes in lots of sizes in green and black (don't worry, they're currently collapsed, I promise I'm not squashing the Harvey fam too much with all of my purchases!)

This is a quilt to use as a bed-spread.  It's very plain.  I plan to accent it with the throw pillows.  I bought taupe colored sheets, but I figured you didn't need a picture to understand those.
How much do you LOVE these pillow covers?!  Meribeth found them.  I bought two.  They're absolutely perfect for what I need.  They're embellished with crewel embroidery that complements the very 2D fabrics.  

I would like for you to meet my impulse purchase for the trip.  Come on, it's perfect and it was only $6!  I can't wait to invite you all over (at least with photos) to my beautiful new bedroom. 

We ate at the cafe at the store.  They serve Swedish meatballs!  (Don't be too disappointed in me, I tried them.)  It was a pretty cool/ intimidating place to visit.  I can't wait to come back when I have a whole lot more car space, time, and money (I sort of spent WAAAAAAAY too much.)  The place is simply daunting.

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