Wednesday, September 24, 2008

just for marjo...


Dearest friends,

I was determined to write a post sans apologies...

So I have two options I could 1) apologize once again for being an awful blogger and sound like a broken record or 2) just continue writing and act rude.

Well, I was raised in the south, and my Mother would be disappointed in me if I were rude. So, I'm sorry.

I've been doing some serious recipe cooking lately! Well, more recipe baking to be exact. I made a French yogurt cake from the Orangette blog recently and it was lovely. This past weekend I made my very first carrot cake, per the recipe from The Lady and Sons cookbook. Brandon gave it to me for Christmas a year before we started dating. (You'd think I would have snatched him immediately upon receiving that present.) I also tackled popovers two Saturdays ago. Along with the popovers I made a smoked salmon and chive fritata with sour cream on top. (That one didn't require a recipe, I love a fritata, so simple!) I made tomato sauce for the first time, and it was lovely, despite the fact that I usually don't really like red sauce. Then I made a baked pasta dish also from the Orangette blog, Kh. Susan recommended the recipe to me and it did not disappoint.

I made (without a recipe) a really delicious vegetable curry and it was wonderful! I learned the secret for the curry from a cooking seminar we attended at India Fest. I cooked two cinnamon sticks and a jalapeno in the cooking oil. It gave the curry a really deep complex flavor, much more than adding them at the last minute. I served it with brown rice and it made a very tasty fasting friendly supper.

Then as a wonderful treat this Sunday I made a spicy sweet salmon with an avocado cream sauce. It was heaven. I got the recipe from mom's friend Linda. I plan on making it for our very first dinner club meeting this coming Saturday, I wanted to test it out on my poison monkey (Brandon.) I'll share the recipe later, it's so simple!

I almost forgot, on Saturday after having a yummy breakfast at Cafe Eclectic with Brandon, I went to St. George's Greek Fest. There I loaded up on my fix of spanikopita, tirikopita, and baklava. MMMMMMMM! Oh yeah and Cooper-Young the Saturday before that. I got a lovely vintage apron, needless to say I've found numerous occasions to wear it!

Oh, and my sweet boyfriend scoured through the books at the library's used book sale and got me 5, yes 5 cookbooks! One of his finds is the Culinary Arts Institute's Encyclopedic Cookbook. It was published in 1970 and it's huge. Along with many recipes for congealed salads (EW) there are some awesome tidbits! I can hardly contain my excitement about this find!

I think that's about it... pardon any misspellings etc. I'm writing this in a hurry.

You happy now Marjo!?!?! (Just kidding, now I'm all caught up!)

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Anonymous said...

YES!! and i'm even more pumped that the title is dedicated to me. It was more than i could have hoped for in a post. I need to hang out with you more--all those good eats. yum. hope to see you at the shell this eve.